Iced Prosecco biscuits

Work from Home

Irish Whisky Cookies from Ireland

If you would like to work from home, or enjoy the benefits of a second income, then you need a product that’s easy to sell, and runs out quickly.

Biscuits are the perfect answer! You can offer anyone a biscuit without fear of rejection, unlike many other products, where you have to convince people to try them. With biscuits, they can taste them and love them or leave them, no rejection on your part.

You don’t even have to sell the biscuits, just tell them you can get them cheaper than the website, so they naturally order through you. Simply sign up to our newsletter and receive your reseller discount codes. It’s up to you how much you charge and how many you order.

Don’t want to sell face to face?

“Selling” biscuits face to face is easy, but maybe you’re not ready to leave the house yet. So instead, you can give people an affiliate code, also known as a referral link. The first time they place an order and use the code you gave them, you’ll receive 5% of their order, excluding shipping. The next time they order, you’ll receive 5% as well, even if they don’t use the code again.

What if they get a code of their own? Even better, you’ll still get 5%, plus 3% of the order from the person who buys from them – and another 2% of the order the next person buys. There are three levels of commission when you share your code. To get your code now, go to

You can register and get your code instantly.