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The Riddle of the Scarab – Day 6

The Riddle of the Scarab

Day 6

No one else on the bus seemed to mind, or have noticed they weren’t heading for the pyramids. Mary looked to Kevin but he was chatting happily with the elderly gentleman beside him, blissfully unaware of their potential fate.

Mary stared out of the window, hoping to remember some of the landmarks in case she needed to find her way back. Sand dune. Sand dune. Ohh advert for a spa. Sand dune. It was hopeless, she would never find a phone out here to make a booking at the spa. That way when she didn’t turn up, someone would come looking for her with hot towels and champagne.

Even the advertising hoardings soon disappeared and it was nothing but rocks and sand. Eventually they came to a small patch of rock with the occasional tuft of desert grass poking through the hot sand. Everyone filed off the bus and into the burning sun. That was when she realised the man from the shopping mall was the bus driver and tour guide. He pointed each person in different directions, handing them a small shovel as they passed.

When it was Kevin’s turn Mary was pleased to see he had been separated from his gentleman friend and appointed a small hole not far from the rocks. When it was her turn, Mary took the shovel and followed after Kevin, which may or may not have been the direction the man had been pointing.

It was getting hotter by the minute when they stepped down into the hole. Looking around for inspiration and finding none, Mary watched Kevin start to dig. Not wanting to appear awkward, Mary poked at the sand and rock until she found a small mound she could turn over without much effort. This continued for some time before Kevin hit something metallic sounding. She moved closer and watched as he carefully dug around a metal disc. Slowly he worked it out of the ground before shaking the sand off it.

Mary gasped, “I’ve seen that before!” she exclaimed. Kevin turned it over and grinning widely, handed it to her to look at.

Where has Mary seen the artefact before?

The archaeology dig

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