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The Riddle of the Scarab – Day 5

The Riddle of the Scarab

Day 5

Back at the hotel, Mary spent a pleasant afternoon by the pool with her new found crossword puzzle. She made a note of the clues she had found and almost forgot to ring the tour guide to book her place on the pyramid dig with Kevin. She tried to convince herself it could be fun; Proseccos under a big tent, browsing buried treasures with Kevin, dug up by the locals and student archaeologists.

This serene image was abruptly ended by the news a tour bus would be leaving the hotel at 6am the following morning. Who goes on holiday to go anywhere at 6am, thought Mary?

She consoled herself by heading down to dinner for a double chocolate gateaux and a perfectly obscene cocktail.

The following morning at unholy o’clock, Mary tried her best to look like a morning person, while feeling like a sleeping bag that fell off a trailer. Kevin was clearly a morning person. He was seated half back on the bus, wearing his usual buoyant smile and drinking something that looked fruity. Mary returned the smile as best she could, while wearing dark glasses and sipping coffee that would reek out the entire bus.

The only available seat was in the aisle opposite Kevin, but in the same row. In the adjacent seat sat a large lady by the window, fanning herself with a magazine and looking like an excited Spaniel, happy to be going anywhere.

A couple of minutes later the bus moved off, in quite a hurry apparently. As the city started to give way to mixtures of grass and desert, Mary suddenly realised the bus wasn’t going to the pyramids.

How did Mary know they weren’t going to the pyramids?

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