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The Riddle of the Scarab – Day 4

The Riddle of the Scarab

Day 4

Exploring the shopping mall had been thirsty work and Mary was looking forward to afternoon cocktails by the pool. It was just as she was about to leave when she spotted Kevin, walking into a small tour guide office on the third floor. On a whim she followed him in, putting on her best “I’m interested in camels and sand” face.

Travel booking office

Kevin looked up from a leaflet with a pyramid on it and smiled instantly. Probably too quickly to have recognised me, just a polite smile thought Mary. Mary stared at a noticeboard on the wall. It had photographs of Egyptian treasures, one of them looked like a big bug. Gross.

“Are you here for a trip to the archaeology site?” asked Kevin.
Mary froze and stared even harder at the ugly bug made of jewels on the wall, quickly trying to work out if Kevin was talking to her.
“It’s Mary isn’t it, from the taxi?” Kevin continued.
Mary turned around smiling, then rather oddly she could hear own voice saying “Yes, you’re Kevin.” Mary was pretty sure the air conditioning in the room failed at that moment but annoyingly, it didn’t seem to affect Kevin.
“Are you booking a trip to the dig?” Kevin asked, completely oblivious of Marys three changes of the shade red.
“Oh yes, I can’t wait.” At that moment Mary would love to have known who was speaking on her behalf and with her voice but it was too late anyway. The words were already out.
Putting the leaflet in his satchel, Kevin turned toward the door. “Great, I’ll see you tomorrow then.” He smiled as he left.

It was too late to panic and too late to back out. Mary quickly looked around for the same leaflet she had seen Kevin holding. There was another on the desk which she grabbed, desperately hoping a “dig site” was a local term for Sherries in a jacuzzi. It was not to be. She would in fact be spending the day in the sand, with what looked like a toy shovel and a toothbrush. Maybe they were booked out. It was then, another piece of paper on the desk caught her eye.

Leaning over the desk, she picked up a crossword puzzle. It had the same stamp as the note she had found in her room. As she was just about to start reading the crossword clues , she heard footsteps. Glancing up nervously, she stuffed the crossword into her bag and almost ran out the door. It was definitely time for a cocktail by the pool.

Can you help Mary complete the crossword and discover another clue?

Crossword puzzle



  • 1. a present
  • 2. an incandescent fixed point in the night sky
  • 6. Earths nearest star
  • 9. sweet confectionary known as biscuits in the UK and Ireland
  • 10. home of the Cornish people in South West England
  • 11. a large, long-necked ungulate mammal of arid countries
  • 14. an event or contest
  • 16. a polyhedron of which one face is a polygon of any number of sides
  • 18. to put into service or employ for a purpose
  • 19. the coldest season of the year
  • 1. typically short plants growing in gardens
  • 3. to go from one place to another
  • 4. ancient Egyptian writing system for example
  • 5. device for entering a code usually up to 9 digits
  • 7. a system of letters, numbers or symbols used to keep a secret
  • 8. Earths natural satellite
  • 12. a spirit distilled from malted grain, especially barley or rye
  • 13. a loose garment, typically knee length, as work in ancient Greece and Rome
  • 15. an island in the North Atlantic off the coast of Great Britain
  • 17. an alcoholic spirit distilled from sugar-cane residues or molasses