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Riddle of the Scarab – Day 9

The Riddle of the Scarab

Day 9

As Mary pressed the last button on the keypad, the lid clicked and slowly opened up.

Inside was a collection of jewellery, money and antiques, but nothing Egyptian looking. “This all looks modern!” exclaimed Mary.

Kevin was still holding a large golden cup in one hand when he peered over Mary’s shoulder and into the box. “It all looks stolen.” replied Kevin.

“This whole place is a thieves hideout. They’ve hidden all their stuff in this tomb. Maybe they’ve forgotten about it?” wondered Mary out loud.

“In that case they could be coming back for it, we had better get out of here and let the authorities know.” Kevin took a GPS out of his satchel and recorded the location. “I have the location stored, so now we can find our way back.”

Mary looked at the GPS and recognised the coordinates. “It makes sense now, the note, the crossword puzzle, the man following us. They’re all connected.”

Kevin looked puzzled. “What man, what puzzle?”

“Never mind now, let’s get out of here.” Mary turned toward the steps they had come down when she heard a grinding sound above their heads. “The trap door!” shouted Mary.

But it was too late. They heard it drop heavily into place. Looking around it was the only way out. Kevin looked wide eyed in panic.

“Don’t panic yet Kevin,” said Mary. “I didn’t escape another lockdown to be stuck inside unless it’s in a spa with a Prosecco. Show me that leaflet of yours again.”

Mary took the leaflet showing the tomb again, “Here you go, this is our way out. We just need some sand.”

Why does Mary need sand and how will they escape?

Tomb at night

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