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Riddle of the Scarab – Day 7

The Riddle of the Scarab

Day 7

As Kevin stood up to look at the disc more closely, he heard a hollow thud beneath him. Mary looked at Kevin, their eyes meeting in surprise and excitement. Working together, they pulled back the sand between them. Slowly a flat stone emerged until they found a straight edge. Following the line in the sand, they worked their way around it until they had revealed a cut square stone. At one end was a heavy metal ring. Pulling together they heaved the stone up and out of the hole.

Beneath them lay a set of steps. Kevin slowly descended the steps, closely followed by Kevin. The dark room smelt ancient and dusty. Using a lighter Mary always kept reserved for spa candles, they almost knocked over a bowl on a stand. They heard it slosh as it rocked. Kevin dipped his finger into the bowl before rubbing the slightly slimy liquid between his finger and thumb.

“Oil” he said simply.

“Stand back,” replied Mary. She held out her lighter to the edge of the bowl and with a whoosh the room was lit up.
Looking around Kevin and Mary were amazed to find themselves in a room full of gold, jewels and ancient treasures. Mary spotted another bowl on the edge of the darkness and promptly lit it. For a moment they just stared before Kevin grabbed Mary in an enormous hug and started jumping up and down.

“We found the lost tomb!” he shouted, as Mary turned bright red and tried to keep up with Kevin’s leaping.

Looking around, they started to pick up some of the treasures before Kevin suddenly shouted again.
“Someone’s been here recently!” he exclaimed. He reached into his satchel and pulled out a leaflet containing a photo of the exact same tomb, taken many years before. Mary stared at the photos then looked around the room.

How did Kevin know someone had been here before?

The lost tomb
The oiginal tomb

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