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Riddle of the Scarab – Day 10

The Riddle of the Scarab

Day 10

Working their way along the tunnel guided by Mary’s lighter, Kevin and Mary eventually found themselves at a small wooden door. It took Kevin a few minutes to kick it open before they emerged in the sunlight. Squinting across the sand they could hear cars in the distance.

“We must be back near the highway” said Mary, as she watched Kevin catching his breath, soaked with sweat from his exertion.

Kevin recorded their location on his GPS again. “It sounds close, we should be make it back to the hotel before dinner.”

It turned out to be a short walk back to the highway, where they were able to flag down a taxi, back to the hotel. After explaining their exploits to the hotel receptionist, who finally stopped grinning for almost a whole minute, Mary and Kevin parted for their rooms, agreeing to meet again for dinner.

After a long shower and a spa reservation, Mary added to her mini bar tab and headed down to dinner. It turned out to be a perfectly pleasant evening, interrupted only momentarily by a nice policeman who apologised a lot and arranged a meeting for the following day, to fill out enough paperwork that would surely warrant another spa trip.

“Do you think we should have taken some of the gold?” wondered Kevin aloud. “It would have been nice to stay a while longer.”

“I think we can make a few extra spa bookings,” replied Mary.

Why was Mary confident they could stay on holiday longer?

Hotel at night

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