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Can You Solve the Riddle of the Scarab?

The Riddle of the Scarab

Day 1

Intrepid holiday-goer, Mary Spandex, has jetted off to Ancient Egypt for 10 days in search of its secrets. Secrets, such as which spa offers a complimentary neck massage.
But when strange things start to happen, Mary must use her cunning and wit to solve the mysteries ahead…
Over the next 10 days, if you can help Mary to solve the Riddle of the Scarab, you’re in with a chance of bagging the ultimate prize… your name shared on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for all to see. You’ll also get some very tasty Boozy Biccies.

First on Marys’ itinerary is the duty free. Second, the hotel and spa.

Shortly after missing the bus from the airport, Mary is forced to share a taxi with a tall and mysterious man, who calls himself, Kevin.

Arriving at the hotel, Mary is greeted by the receptionist, a man far too happy for someone on a twelve hour shift and much too eager, for an enthusiastic reply from a woman who just got off a plane, after listening to what can only be described as a camel being strangled with a ukulele, in a taxi driven by a man who appeared to take great delight in shouting at every other driver on the road. Kevin just smiled. Mary liked Kevin.

Making it to her room, Mary promptly opened a tab on the mini bar.

Several Proseccos, a shower and a post dinner booking for the spa later, Mary wanders down to the reception again. Ignoring the leaflets for educational city tours, camel rides and dodgy looking dive boats, she immediately scoops the advertising material sporting the coupon for a free whisky with every full body massage.

Despite the language barrier causing an embarrassing mix up between chips and crisps being served with the steak, Mary enjoyed her dinner. Kevin made a brief appearance, but sadly ordered something green and healthy with no dessert. Mary ensured the dessert chef was keeping his or her job during her stay.

After setting a new record for towels used after an inappropriately long stay in the spa jacuzzi and looking like a Californian Raisin, Mary once again made it back to her room, where she discovered not everything was as before…

Study the picture below to work out what has changed in Mary’s room:

When you’ve worked out what has changed, make a note of it for the end of the competition, when you can submit your entry. Clue number two will appear tomorrow. For hints, help and news of booze and biscuits, join in the chat on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.

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