Biccie Lovers Hall of Fame

Welcome to the Biccie Lovers Hall of Fame!
This is where we honour those biccie lovers who have had their ideas turned into reality.

We’re always on the look out for new flavours and ideas, so please do get in touch.
The process of creating a new biscuit takes many months, and only a few ideas will make it to the shops, so please don’t be disheartened if your idea doesn’t make it, or only appears for sale for a limited time. A huge number of factors influence the production of a new biscuit, with the retailers and customers making the final decision on how long it will remain available on the shelves.
Also note, suggestions made are subject to our terms and conditions; spoiler alert: you don’t get paid for ideas. But you do get into the Hall of Fame, some free biccies and a mention on our social pages. You also get a mention on the packaging of the biscuits, to show your friends!

New Biscuit Production Process

  • Biccie lovers submit their initial idea, usually featuring a core ingredient and sometimes a name
  • Ingredients are reviewed for appeal to the marketplace
  • Ingredient manufacturers are researched to ensure supply chain availability, in sufficient quantities and at economical prices
  • New ingredients are ordered in sample sizes
  • An existing biscuit recipe is modified to incorporate the new ingredient, to test the flavour
  • If the flavour test is successful, a new biscuit is designed, reviewing size, shape, colours and packaging. The name of the biscuit is also reviewed along with the labeling. Naming a product is quite complex and subject to a number of laws and guidelines. Lots of names are also protected, for example “Champagne”, or derivatives, e.g. “C/Shampers”, can only be used if the product contains wine produced in a specific region in France or California.
  • If the flavour test is unsuccessful, the recipe is modified over a number of weeks for potential alternatives
  • The biscuit design is then tested in the production kitchen for a successful bake and scalability
  • The biscuit recipe and design is then reviewed again and refined as necessary
  • The final biscuit is baked and packaged into batches for shelf life testing. These biscuits are then stored and reviewed on a regular basis, for up to a year. With shelf life testing reports completed, the biscuits are finally displayed in the online shop and demonstrated to retailers
  • The original suggestion is admitted to the Biccie Hall of Fame!

Hall of Fame

Eoin McGarrell, Lurgan, Northern Ireland

Buckfast (ingredient)