Boozy Biccies Mike ThompsonHi, I’m Mike from Northern and I make Boozy Biccies. Delicious, fun biscuits (cookies), covered in an alcohol infused icing.

I make them with a variety of wines and spirits, combining a tasty biscuit, made with local butter from our grass fed cows and carefully selected alcoholic drinks, to make a boozy icing. Because the alcohol is added at the icing stage, it remains at it’s full strength, i.e. uncooked, making Boozy Biccies a unique, adult snack.

From 2017 to 2020, I made all of the cookies in my home kitchen, mixing kilos of dough in two Kenwood mixers on a Monday, hand rolling, cutting and baking on Tuesday, icing, drying and bagging on Wednesday,  and boxing and delivering on Thursdays and Fridays. At peak production, there were over 1200 biscuits a week being baked in my single home oven. 

Today, my Boozy Biccies for the USA are still made in my home kitchen, by hand. I also make biccies for the UK and Ireland in a microfactory I fitted out in County Armagh. Which is handy really, because clearing the kitchen by 4pm everyday to get the kids dinner on the table was a nightmare.

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Mike and Lucy baking in the kitchen
Mini Me number 1 baking in the kitchen at home.
Cookies stacked on cooling racks
Baked cookies waiting to be iced on the kitchen table.